It’s just another week.

It’s been a regular month.

It’s an ordinary weather.

It’s an average list of chores.

It’s the daily hum-drum.

It’s the same faces around.


But I’m making the most of it.

I’m trying to make my state-of-mind extraordinary.

I’m day dreaming travel and researching hostels.

I’m considering my options and being hopeful for the long weekends.

I’m sprinkling plans and I know some are about to stick.

I’m making me.

I’m making myself happy.

I’m being more than just my immediate surroundings.

I wish to try

I’m learning

I’m not incoherent

I’m just choosing

Am I delusional, you may wonder.

I’m childish and dreamy you might say.

I’m unreliable you might believe.

But I’m happy Is all that I care.

I’m trying is all I know.

I’ll get my tickets stamped, is all that I need to believe.

Sure you wish I saw the reality that you see

I understand that you are uncomfortable with my antiques

You do genuinely try to make me normal

Everyone’s wishful for me to adhere and conform

But I’ve seen people cry under the happy masks

I’ve heard the gloomy silence behind your crackling laughter

I’ve felt the burden of the unshed tears

And I know they weigh me down

I wish to fly

I’m unloading

I’m not insensitive

I’m just choosing

Published by thehazywhisperer

The Hazy Whisperer is a perspective. It is a platform to realise, recognise and analyse the little things and moments that could make a whole lot of difference, provided they are given the time and thought. It is a journey of self discovery and growth, and a chance to think out loud. Here, there are no specific topics, concrete opinions and finality. It is just the existence of possibility of some areas grey, beyond the realm of the black and white. About me as an individual, I am an Industrial Psychologist with a fondness for words and wandering thoughts. This blog is for my soul what my full-time job is for my survival.

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