Yep, that indeed is the word!

There are two perspectives to it. One, that’s regarding the state of one’s mental health- mentally deranged or insane.
The other one is about one’s approach towards things- impractical, unsound or senseless.

But there is a third, an adjective i love hearing my friends use for me; it is reassuring.
Because, crazy is someone who is passionate about something, the one’s who go the mile after the extra mile that most don’t bother walking, the one’s who let go of societal and cultural nets to do something that speaks to their soul.

I’ve been crazy about a lot of things in the past and wish to continue finding newer things to be crazy about, hopefully without letting it transform me into the first two kinds of crazy 😉
It drives me. It fuels me. It defines me. It educates me.

What made me pick a word like this?

I noticed something in a friend’s words, not that I was unaware of this truth of his but I just realised his crazy now. Read all about his crazy here!

Hope all of you have hobbies and interests that you’re willing to be called CRAZY for! And more than anything, I hope you make sure to find a way to make your crazy worth your while.

One response to “CRAZY”

  1. runversation Avatar

    Like always… A good read… thanks for the hyperlink… and yes, we liked ourselves to be called crazy….


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