Better Late Than Never

If you haven’t caught wind from the title yet,
then here’s the perpetually late and now Mrs. :
Wishing You & Yours A Happy Healthy & Heartfelt New Years,
From Me & Mine!

Starting the year with the resolve to make humanity my first and foremost religion, I ran a full circle with The Hazy Whisperer as it turned 1, meeting the person I am going to grow old with… I brought in the New Year with that very person.
While the next few months are going to be all about change, adaptation and adjusting, I have decided to take one day at a time. And that majorly comprises my resolution as well.
Of course there are the usuals too, like:
1. Drink more water
2. Fit in some exercise each week
3. Smile more often and with honesty
4. Pet more dogs

For the new life, we have a motto!!

“The rarest thing in life is to live. Most of us just about exist”

Oscar Wilde

I wanted to thank each one of you for repeatedly visiting my page, reading, appreciating and showing all the love that you do.
So here’s something for all of you…

I have decided to make this year more interactive. To be more receptive. To be more impromptu.
I’d like you guys to comment or share a word, phrase, topic that you’d like me to talk about, discuss or explore.


Author: thehazywhisperer

The Hazy Whisperer is a perspective. It is a platform to realise, recognise and analyse the little things and moments that could make a whole lot of difference, provided they are given the time and thought. It is a journey of self discovery and growth. Here, there are no specific topics, concrete opinions and finality. It is just the existence of possibility of some areas grey, beyond the realm of the black and white.

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