Help yourself by vicariously living, growing and enjoying the different aspects of my understanding of this world and everything around us.

…sometimes the same picture can be presented as that of sunrise and sunset. The only difference is the perspective that you interpret it with. Add a new lens to yours or relish in the similarity that we share…

…often there are little scribbles and random sentences that continue to stay with me even after the conversation is over or the book is completed.
In this section I share the same reads with you…

…an initiative as a psychologist, to de-stigmatise certain ideas and break the stereotypes that we have grown with. With the hopes to leave this world in a better state…

… a collection of physical and intellectual journeys that mean more to me than they seem. Come wander with me to places you haven’t been and see things you haven’t yet seen…

…simple things for the mind, body and skin that I have tried myself. As a lover of food, long nights and desserts, this is a real struggle for me. But I’m proud of my accomplishments and love it when my experiences can help someone else…

…this category remains the closest to my heart. I share with you stories from my life and the ones I’ve spun. This is based on the bond i share with my father (whom I address as Baba). They are ones of life lessons and support and wisdom…

trekking in manali


Tales Of A Robin

Stories of a Wandering Soul


Rekindling the passion for writing, one story at a time.

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