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Every year is new and different. But this one has been a landmark.

Have you ever woken up and felt like it was a good… no great day?
The sun is shining just the right amount. Your eyes open just a moment before your alarm was supposed to go off. You feel no ounces of laziness but just energy coursing through your body. You feel invincible on such days. Like you skin is flawless, you have a good hair day and that little smile refuses to leave your lips, come what may!

At the cost of sounding dramatic and eccentric at the same time, here’s what I want to share!

I woke up one morning in the rosiest of moods with the realisation that The Hazy Whisperer is soon turning TWO!
There had been no specific prompters. No peeking at the calendar (Yes, I’ve marked the date when it began). And no conversations about my course of action for it. But just a realisation…. guess the sub-conscious does have its own mysterious ways of playing with me.
What was next?!
Like an involuntary reaction to this thought, my mind just started rolling back and counting all the things that the last year comprises of. As if almost by instinct I was sure of one thing- I have a lot to be grateful for!

This year began with me meeting that one person I’m to spend the rest of my life with. Even since the journey has been of exploring, learning, understanding and pushing myself!
There were additions to Safarnama- a trip with the Girl Gang and a memoir to my time in Manali. A lot of stuff that I read was shared because it moved me some way or the other.
THW tried Collaborations. While being informative the idea behind it was to also empower, and we did that by Celebrating Women!
(PS do let me know if you’d like me to consider more of these through the comments below)

The year did see me slacking on the writing end. But I had my plate full. I was changing from going for shows alone to blushing in someone’s presence and re-imagining my life next to an actual human. I do apologise for the inconsistency I’ve shown, but want to thank each one of you for still sticking around. We have grown, statistically too!







I was honestly quite disheartened when I actually began to type this one, but once I saw the stats for the year that has just gone by I knew I am lucky and thankful!

Through the past year I realised how much Baba means to me and also how his love for story telling isn’t just about stories. It is his way of sharing little anecdotes from life and lessons with me. Baba, you are my guiding force.

I also shared some of the skin remedies that I swear by and was over-whelmed with the kind of response you guys showed me. And just FYI, those remedies are something I went with when prepping my skin for the D-Day as well! SO do not take them lightly. They are amazing!!

This year I’ve found myself noticing the little details about the ones around me. In the Indian system, getting married means re-rooting yourself. This change can sometimes feel as drastic as having to sometimes explore oneself all over again and understand what you stand for and what your priorities are.
In a scenario not as extreme, I am fortunate to have found a mother who is more than willing to make me feel at home by even trying to fuse the systems of my old home with the new one. A husband who makes it his mission to make me feel happy and comfortable. I’ve found a family that constantly tries to know what makes me happy. Thank you!

Early in my married life I experienced a Long Distance due to the lockdown in lieu of this Pandemic. After struggling with it and receiving a lot of ideas and inputs did I share quick tricks to make it a little less sufferable. I hoped to help anyone and everyone who needed it. The times are tough on everyone in their own unique way!

With all the changes and growing that have come my way this year, the one post that remains closest to my heart and took great strength to write was Of Myself, To Myself. I have never let my guard down the way I did then. I felt vulnerable and yet the senses of being liberated was all-consuming. Thank you for the support and love you have garnered over me!

… and here we are, a year after coming a full circle.

THW turns

Today is a big milestone for The Hazy Whisperer- we are celebrating two years of living, growing and loving. This year has been about the little big things that have come and gone; ergo the title 😉


“Praise be to Allah/ Lord”

It was after a regular work evening, while I was scrolling through my phone and getting my social media fill for the day, that I entered into a conversation with an old time acquaintance turned friend.
I had responded to her comment on one of my posts with “I’m not sure if its the right Urdu word, but all I can say is ‘Inshallah'”. And she ever so humbly replied with “Its an Arabic word, love.”
And thus began the germination of an idea that I had been considering for my Birth-month (if there is such a thing to celebrate). I’m dedicating the next four Weekly Words, starting now, to gratitude in different world languages.

Pronounced as “Al-HAM-doo-Li-lah” , it is an Arabic word which when broken to simpler elements looks something like this-
Al meaning the
Hamd meaning praise
Illah; which is understood as Al+Ilah i.e. The+Deity/Lord

There are four common contexts in which Alhamdulillah is known to be used:
1. As a secular expression, like ‘Thank God’ used in English
2. In Prayer, while thanking the Creator
3. As a term of acceptance, in times of trial and difficulties placed upon us
4. As an expression of gratitude to the God
*when I say God, I’m referring to the form of energy or higher power that you believe in

Originated in the Arabian Peninsula, Arabic is one of the six most spoken languages in the world. In fact, Arabic literally means ‘nomadic’, which makes sense as it was first spoken by the nomadic tribes in the northwestern frontier of the Peninsula.

Some amazing facts about Arabic are:
1. It is the official language in 26 countries
2. Arabic words are written from right to left, numbers from left to right
3. Unknowingly we all know a little bit of Arabic; few English words that come from Arabic are algebra, alchemy, cotton, mummy (the ones in Egypt, not the one at Home), carat (for gold), sugar and lemon

NOTE: Art work credits to Afreen Khundmiri who has been doing some amazing work through her art. She is an Atlanta based Arabic Calligraphy artist, who through her art supports and funds medical treatment for the underprivileged. Do check her out and show some love on instagram and follow her Blog on

This was the Weekly Word!
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Until next week!!