How strange is it?
The future of the world,
Leaders in the making,
Torch bearers of change,
Taking-the-world-by-a-storm mindset holders;
these are some of the most common endogenous thoughts that we identify with.
And yet out of the people who comprise of this crowd maybe has yet to see their own wings, yet to believe in themselves, yet to know what they are.

Every year, around this time, there is a huge cohort that is trying to battle one of their first wars. One where “stepping into the real world” is almost as real as it has ever been.
It is difficult.

I remember my time like it was yesterday.
Glazed with the thought of walking out of the university doors and owning it, sprinkled with the anticipation of what ifs and what nots. A little ignorant, a little skilled. Feeling both omnipotent and oblivious at the same time.

We are aware that we are to shake off some old habits and patterns. It is difficult. But we are aware that we are to do everything on our own now. It is okay to be scared. It’s the first time. And first times are always scary.
It is all about ends & beginnings.

The things about ends & beginnings is that it is often said that every end marks the beginning of something. What is seldom shared is that we sometimes have to begin somewhere in order to end the existing.

Every generation has its own ways and struggles. But I’m sorry to say that some things do not differ.
There is always a first for everyone. Each if these first requires confidence. This confidence is also a first at some point. And almost everyone fakes it at some if not most points.

Tip #1
It is okay to fake the confidence. It’s the beginning in order to end those low confidence anxiety ridden moments.

Tip #2
Collecting certificates do not help unless you know how to make them look good. Search the internet for CVs and Resumes and borrow some smart moves. Practice makes perfect and you too will learn, until then remember to begin.

Tip #3
Don’t think you are qualified for the job or internship?
Apply for it anyway. (sound preachy?)
Here’s the thing: best case scenario you’ll get the job/ internship- because luck!
Worst case scenario: you’ll get thrown out
Most important of it all- you are a bit more experience at interviews than you were before you sat at this one.

Tip #4
No matter how your grad school years went, leave with no bad blood amongst your peers and professors.
Networking and knowing people can be a bane in any scenario.

Make each if these days count. Ends & Beginnings like these are limited. An end that leaves you filled with emotions and enriched with experiences and lifetime relationships is exactly what helps you boost into a favourable and supportive New Beginnings.

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