Over the years there have been things I’ve been sorry about. Things that had nothing to do with be. Actually these are things, in retrospect, that have massaged the other person’s ego and deflated my sense of self quite effectively.

So here goes a list of things that I’m developing a thick skin about. A “Sorry, Cannot Be Sorry About This” attitude; which frankly is well deserved by both the parties involved.

    Sorry, Cannot be Sorry About This!
    I cannot be sorry for taking time. Time to heal, time to recuperate, time to process my emotions or just the time to move on from something that punctured my heart.
    Standing up for myself, for something that I believe, for something that matters to me, for something that is my basic fundamental right, for someone who needs it.
    Sorry, Cannot Be Sorry About This.
    Sorry, I’m not supposed to mirror your feelings. Sorry, cannot be sorry about this either.
    I am going to be respectful of your feelings and emotions about me and/ or everything else, but I don’t need to reciprocate them. So there is no point feeling guilty for being respectfully uninvolved or available.
    Every time people, places and situations get overwhelming or just plain exhausting, I am going to take a break. Be it friendships, romantic relationships, family bonds, work relationships- my sanity is an eminent factor in determining the health of my relationships.
    And Sorry Cannot Be Sorry About This!
    Occasionally, not picking up calls, reverting to texts and emails is acceptable.
    Sorry, Cannot Be Sorry About This. Sometimes I just do not have the energy, mindset or the attitude for it. Either way, I am not letting anyone down.

9 responses to “Sorry, Cannot Be Sorry About This”

  1. samridhisomani Avatar

    Very well worded👏


  2. Vibha Avatar

    This is so relatable. Somewhere we have been taught to feel guilty for prioritising ourselves over others, which is so sad.


    1. thehazywhisperer Avatar

      To me it is an irony, an evil one at that.
      All our lives we’re conditioned to prioritise the world before ourselves, only to reach a certain age of wisdom when we re to accept that people pleasing is a service to no one and a disservice to ourselves.


  3. Priya Avatar

    This is so relatable, especially as a college going student there’s just so many things on my plate as well as family commitments sometimes i don’t find enough time to talk to others and socialize. I need that free time to me.


    1. thehazywhisperer Avatar

      I’m so glad you feel this way.
      It is always baby steps so we can establish our balance.


  4. Ashok Kumar Somani Avatar
    Ashok Kumar Somani

    Dear Punita
    Lovely to read your blog after a long time,
    It’s nice to see your expression about feeling, it’s really inspiring,


  5.  Avatar

    I alws love reading you expressions.. you simply word your feelings , just so effortlessly.. as commented by other readers too.. it is relatable and been taught to us since childhood.. to prioritise everyone before us.. and then feel sorry for being not up to mark..

    Anyways loved the way you have expressed yourself. Stand up for yourself


    1. thehazywhisperer Avatar

      It is an effort to put out the internal conversation, sometimes because I’m unable to sort it by myself and hope for your inputs to help me navigate or because sometimes I’m lost wondering if its just me or there could be others too.


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